Upgrade to GWB 2021

I downloaded the software and am very excitedly developing my first GWB model!

– Robert Hansen, Exigo3, South Africa

GWB 2021 logoThe Geochemist's Workbench® 2021 is the latest in a series of GWB upgrades dating back to 1991. Subsequent to GWB12, the GWB is distributed by subscription and features are added continuously.

You won't want to miss out on the must-have new features in GWB 2021. Best yet, your upgrade comes with a free kickoff period!

Release history

GWB 2021

New in GWB 2021

Your subscription adds features continuously!


New in GWB12

New in GWB12:


New in GWB11:


GWB Dashboard

New in GWB10:

  • Transport by mobile colloids
  • Dashboard puts all your tools in one place
  • Graphical editor for thermo and surface data
  • Undo-redo in GSS spreadsheets
  • Spherical and axisymmetric coordinates
  • Transient medium and fluid properties
  • Turbo-scripting speeds rate law evaluation
  • MATLAB bindings
  • Optimized native 64 bit version
  • Windows 8 friendly


New in GWB9

New in GWB9:

  • Crisp new GUI – Fast, logical, and intuitive
  • Drag and drop files, analyses, and results
  • Plugs in to your software
  • New kinetics: complexation, sorption, gas transfer
  • Bidentate and polydentate sorption reactions
  • Show TDS as circles of varying radius in Piper, other plots
  • Set line colors individually on x-y plots
  • Powerful unit converter
  • More medium properties are heterogeneous
  • Automatic software updates


X2t benchmark

New in GWB8:


New in GWB7:

  • More reaction kinetics, including catalysis, inhibition
  • Expanded surface chemistry; Freundlich isotherms
  • Edit graphics with mouse; hovering shows x-y values
  • Smart cut-and-paste
  • Support for Vista


New in GWB6:

  • Adaptive gridding
  • Flexible boundary conditions
  • Import flow fields, Modflow models
  • More options for medium heterogeneity

Windows versions supported

Windows logo We currently support GWB 2021 and GWB12 on Windows 10, 8.1, and 8.