Diagrams, graphs, and plots

You can use The Geochemist's Workbench® to render your data and modeling results in a broad variety of graphical formats. Create a diagram and copy and paste it into your document or illustration program. The GWB is compatible with software in common use, including MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, and Adobe Illustrator.

Browse the sections below to see a sampling of graphics generated with the GWB. Click on any diagram for a close-up view, or more information. Go to the movies page to see the results of X2t simulations animated with Xtplot and VSDC Free Video Editor.

If you have installed the GWB software, click on the icon shown underneath each diagram to open the app pre-configured to calculate the diagram shown. (If two or more GWB icons appear, save all files to your desktop, then double-click on the first.)

Piper Piper diagram
Ternary Ternary diagram
Cross plots (linear or log) Cross plot
Durov Durov diagram
Schoeller Schoeller diagram
Stiff Stiff diagram
Radial Radial diagram
Ion balance Ion balance diagram
Pie Pie diagram
Series Series plot
Time series Time series diagram
The diagrams in this section show
the contents of this GSS datasheet Launch GSS
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PowerPoint file:
Eh-pH Eh-pH diagram   Launch Act2
pe-pH pe-pH diagram   Launch Act2
O2 fugacity-pH fO2-pH diagrams   Launch Act2
Scatter Scatter diagram   Act2 input  Scatter data
Mosaic Mosaic diagram   Launch Act2
Mineral solubility Mineral solubility diagram   Launch Act2
Gas solubility Gas solubility diagram   Launch Act2
Activity Activity diagram   Launch Act2
Mineral stability Mineral stability diagram   Launch Act2
Download the Act2 PowerPoint file:
Temperature-pH Temperature-pH diagram   Launch Tact
Mineral stability Mineral stability diagram   Launch Tact
Activity ratio Activity ratio diagrams   Launch Tact
Mineral solubility Mineral solubility plot   Launch Tact
Mosaic Mosaic diagram   Launch Tact
Fugacity ratio Fugacity ratio diagram   Launch Tact
Download the Tact PowerPoint file:
Reaction path Reaction path   Launch React
Kinetic dissolution & precipitation Kinetic dissolution & precipitation   Launch React
Speciation Speciation diagram   Launch React
Mineral solubility Mineral solubility diagram   Launch React
Gas solubility Gas solubility diagram   Launch React
Evaporation Evaporation diagram   Launch React
Cooling and heating Cooling and heating diagram   Launch React
Fractionation Fractionation diagram   Launch React
Degassing Degassing diagram   Launch React
Sorption Sorption plot   Launch React
Flash Flash diagram   Launch React
Kinetic redox Kinetic redox diagram   Launch React
Microbial growth Microbial growth plot   Launch React
Kinetic sorption & desorption Kinetic sorption & desorption   Launch React
Kinetic complexation & dissociation Kinetic complexation & dissociation   Launch React
Kinetic gas transfer Kinetic gas transfer plot   Launch React
Reaction traces Reaction traces   Act2 input  Reaction trace
Download the React PowerPoint file:
One variable vs. position One variable vs. position   Launch X1t
Several variables vs. position Several variables vs. position   X1t input  
Animation Animation    Launch X1t
One variable vs. time One variable vs. time   Launch X1t
Several variables vs. time Several variables vs. time   X1t input  
Download the X1t PowerPoint file:
Color map Color map   Launch X2t
Flow field Flow field   Launch X2t
Animation Animation    Launch X2t
Contour Contour   Launch X2t
Color mask Color mask   Launch X2t
Download the X2t PowerPoint file:
Please go to the movies page to see the results of X2t simulations animated with Xtplot and VSDC Free Video Editor.