GWB downloads

You can download from this website lesson plans, manuals, texts, thermochemical data, example input files, and symbol font:

Lesson plans
Download lesson plans from the GWB Online Academy. Click on a icon to download a .pdf with step-by-step instructions for setting up calculations, or on for a set of PowerPoint slides.

Community Edition
The entire geochemistry community is eligible to download the GWB Community Edition software for free.

GWB Symbol Font
You can download the TrueType font of symbols used by the GWB to mark data points on the diagrams it produces.

Thermochemical data
Download a variety of thermodynamic datasets in GWB format. The databases describe species, mineral, and gas stability; sorption and surface complexation; electrical conductivity; isotope fractionation; and US EPA drinking water standards.

GBRM text

Reaction modeling text
The third edition of the textbook Geochemical and Biogeochemical Reaction Modeling, published by Cambridge University Press, contains a complete description of the theoretical basis of the GWB calculations as well as a large number of fully worked examples. You can download an eBook version of the text or purchase it in soft cover.

Got wine, beer, canned beans, and a copy of Bethke's Geochemical and Biogeochemical Reaction Modeling.

– Facebook post by Aviv B., waiting for Hurricane Sandy

Essentials manual

User's Guides and cover art
You can download pdf copies of the GWB manuals, or access them directly from any GWB app. If you download as well pdfs of the manuals' cover art, you can have your local copy shop print and bind a documentation set for you.

GWB input files

GWB input files
Each GWB icon on the diagrams, movies, and tutorials pages links to the input file used to calculate the image or video clip shown. Click on the icon or right-click and choose "Save target as..." to download the file to your computer.