No-cost updates to the GWB

You can update to the latest maintenance release directly from the GWB dashboard: Move to the Support pane and select Check for updates.

GWB subscriptions upgrade automatically to GWB 2021 (version 15.0) when you select Check for updates from the dashboard.

Enable Check for updates automatically on the Settings pane to be notified whenever an update is available.

To advance to the latest maintenance release manually, download and run the installers provided below. You can find updates to the ChemPlugin™ SDK on the ChemPlugin site.

GWB maintenance releases

You can install from the table below the latest maintenance release for your release of the GWB.

GWB 15.0.1 (update GWB 15.0) 111 MB
GWB 2021 updates: Allow tab characters to delimit species names in thermo datasets; improve presentation of certain dialogs on high-resolution monitors; streamline license deactivation and reactivation; better messaging in TEdit; "report" command can list entries in current thermo database; resolve last-digits inconsistency in reported solvent mass; fix an issue arising when importing some PhreeqC datasets; in GSS, allow user-defined analytes to share names with basis entries; fixes for all known issues.
GWB 12.0.8 (update GWB 12.0 through 12.0.7) 105 MB
Program updates: Improve presentation of certain dialogs on high-resolution monitors; streamline license deactivation and reactivation; resolve last-digits inconsistency in reported solvent mass; fix to calculated analytes in GSS when temperature is given in Fahrenheit; improvements and fixes to scatter plots; improve appearance of legend box in scatter data plots; fix issue when several ChemPlugin instances share an ion exchange dataset; resolve reliability issue in pause/resume feature in X1t/X2t; updates to Rxn's outblock feature; important update to license manager; better user and administrator support for network floating licenses; Python 3 support for GWB Plugin feature; better ability of time marching apps to back up and recover from a convergence failure; React tracks and reports number of pore volumes displaced; fixes for tab-completion feature in Command pane; improvements to plotting apps and to TEdit; corrected default behavior of temperature range settings for heat source feature; improved scroll wheel behavior; better GUI support for Asian locales; prevent Xtplot and P2plot from placing contour labels not fully within plot range; support for Windows 10 2018 Creators Update; trim installer memory footprints; better font and symbol support for east Asian locales; various improvements to plotting apps; fix glitch affecting some influx/efflux calculations in X1t and X2t; correct auditing issue when modeling retardation within stagnant zones; correct a few issues in GSS in which copy/paste operations involve “as” unit conversion; improvements to special plots; address issues with Xtplot contours and color maps; updates and fixes to GWB Plugin feature and documentation, including support for Visual Studio 2017; fixes to ChemPlugin wrappers for Fortran, Java, and MatLab; address problem with installer failing under certain Windows installations; better position tick marks in P2plot 2D diagrams; a few changes to variable labels in Phase2 plot data, for clarity; fixes for all known issues.
GWB 11.0.8 (update GWB 11.0 through 11.0.7) 132 MB
Program updates: Change pivot diagonalization method when picking up run; update floating license server to support new functionality in GWB12; correct obscure issues with multiword species and unit names; fix issue in which improperly constructed thermo dataset causes crash; fixed out of memory condition where writing large amounts of data to clipboard; in GSS, various improvements and fixes to the undo/redo, hide/expose, SmartMix, and move column/row features; fix crash bugs in Gtplot and TEdit; resolve several edge-case issues with sliding, fixed, and kinetic reactants; gracefully handle phase rule violations arising in buffered paths; when installing to an unexpected directory, software is installed in a subdirectory "GWB"; installer overwrites existing files, rather than deleting them; allow unix-style line endings in thermo datasets; increase breadth of mass balance audit in X1t/X2t; fix drag-and-drop for virial coefficients in TEdit, Alter and Isotope dialogs in various apps; no longer display announcements on dashboard; add command line arguments and environmental variables for setting thermo, surface, conductivity, and isotope datasets, and for the default dataset directory; kill a false positive in an inconsistency test for the gas transfer kinetics feature; improve convergence when dramatically re-scaling system extents; correct a problem when the Reactants pane displays exported function names in 64-bit rate law DLLs; fix a problem in Xtplot saving the coordinates of contour lines as text; the 64 bit apps support plot datasets larger than 2Gb; fix to a potential race condition in the multithreaded apps; options to install desktop icon and open GWB dashboard when installing and updating; improve autosizing and plot spacing when displaying multiple special plots on a page; polish pasting behavior in TEdit; fix glitches in Isotopes and Step dialogs in React; put more graphics types on clipboard, and increase bitmap resolution, when copying plots in Act2 and Tact; resolve problem in Act2 and Tact when more than one speciating ion does not speciate; correct problem reading the sixth coefficient in the temperature expansion of beta2 from HMW datasets; fix various problems when making X-Y plots in Gtplot; allow sliding Eh paths without setting initial Eh; fix memory issue in a Gtplot dialog; repair obscure line clipping issue in Gtplot; fix crash bug in Gtplot/GSS; embed full font set in User's Guides, so they don't show as bitmaps on some browers/printers; install 64-bit code signing certificate; allow data labels and sample labels to be hidden and unhidden independently.