Workshops and personal training

Workshop map

We offer GWB training worldwide – at organized workshops, in your offices, or at ours. Your time is valuable! Let the people who make the software get you up and running quickly.

GWB workshops
We present popular workshops worldwide, as shown on the map above. Find your course on our workshop page.

On-site short courses
We can present either of two short courses at your site. You save group travel costs and the value of your employees' time.

Personal training
Visit us in our offices in downtown Champaign for a day of Quick Start training in using the GWB. You will leave feeling like a pro!

Other resources

Whether you're a newbie to the package or looking for tips only the experts know, you can learn the GWB from our YouTube channel, visual tutorials, diagram galleries, FAQ page, and user forum.

Jump into a more detailed understanding with our textbook from Cambridge University Press, as well as the GWB User's Guides.

The GWB Online Academy offers self-guided course sequences in Geochemical Reaction Modeling and Reactive Transport Modeling. Learn at your own pace, on your own time. You can even download slides and lesson plans to use when you teach your own seminars!

Visit our support page for more information about getting the most from the GWB.