New user interface

Release 11 of The Geochemist's Workbench® features a crisp, clean new graphical user interface. The all-new GUI helps you get work done faster and more easily.

Drag-and-drop files
Drag and drop files

Drag files from your Desktop or Windows Explorer into any of the GWB programs. You can left-drag

  • Input scripts and files,
  • Thermo and surface reaction datasets,
  • Conductivity data and water standards,
  • Plot configuration files, and
  • Scatter data and reaction traces

You can also highlight scripts in the pdf versions of the GWB User's Guides and left-drag them into the GWB modeling programs. See the drag-and-drop page for more info.

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Drag and drop data
Drag and drop data

You can drag data between GWB apps, and exchange data with external programs. You can right-drag samples

  • From GSS to Basis, Initial, Fluids panes,
  • From one GSS data sheet to another,
  • Basis, Initial, Fluids panes into GSS,
  • In X1t and X2t, within the Fluids pane, and
  • GSS data into Excel


  • To rearrange samples or analytes in GSS,
  • Samples from Excel into GSS, and
  • Samples from Excel to Basis, Inlet, Inject panes

The drag-and-drop page gives a detailed overview.

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New layout
New pane layout

The GWB modeling applications are laid out in newly designed panes.

  • Expand sections to show detail, collapse them for clarity
  • Logical presentation with graphic cues helps you set up models quickly

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Detach and drag panes
Detachable panes

Detach panes by left-dragging them to the desktop.

Right-drag panes to transfer data. You can drag panes

  • From one instance of React, e.g., to another
  • For calculation results into GSS

You can right-drag one dialog box into another.

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Redesigned dialogs
Redesigned dialogs

Dialog boxes have a new look designed to make your work quicker and easier.

  • Logical element groupings
  • Helps you see options as you configure simulations
  • Clear, clean layout reduces strain as you work

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