Phase diagram generator

Phase2 is the ultimate phase diagram generator. Use reaction paths to numerically calculate a diagram, then plot results in P2plot.

Ultimate phase diagram generator

Program Phase2 sets up a 2D grid to solve complex diagrams of almost any configuration. You can consider:

  • Aqueous or surface species, minerals, and gases
  • Equilibrium or kinetic reactions
  • Polythermal or isothermal reaction
  • Isotope fractionation
  • Nonideal multicomponent systems
  • “True” predominance

In all cases, mass balance and mass action are strictly honored.

Choice of axis variables

Phase2 can generate stability diagrams with conventional or unconventional axes:

  • pH, pe, Eh, activity, fugacity, activity or fugacity ratios
  • Temperature
  • Concentration
  • Time
  • Reactant mass, mixing fraction, and more!
  • Linear or log scales

P2plot has built-in logic for choosing axis variables appropriate for any configuration.

Straightforward diagram construction

Intuitive GUI streamlines calculation setup:

  • Configure composition of lower left corner of diagram using concentration, partial pressure, mass, and more real-world units
  • Staging reaction path sets up left side of diagram
  • Set of scanning paths completes diagram
  • Plot calculation results instantly in P2plot

The multithreaded application is built for speed!

Built-in graphics

Companion program P2plot renders calculation results as 2D diagrams or cross-sectional plots:

  • Predominant form of any basis entry or element
  • Show map of mineral assemblages
  • Color map, color mask, or contour any variable
  • Overlay your scatter data and reaction traces
  • Vertical or horizontal cross-section(s)

Create any number of plots from a single calculation!

Need the power of Phase2?

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