Fluid mixing

The Geochemist's Workbench® can mix two or more fluids in a variety of ways, as described below.

Mix samples in GSS
GSS SmartMix

Import your analyses from Excel to GSS, the Geochemist's spreadsheet. With Smart Mix you can

  • Mix samples in any volume or mass ratio,
  • Automatically calculate analytes in your spreadsheet, including concentrations, T, pH, Eh, activities, fugacities, saturations, and more, and
  • Scale extent (final mass or volume) of mixture

You can drag samples or calculation results

  • Between Excel, GSS, and the other GWB apps

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Mixing reaction path
React one fluid into another

Equilibrate a fluid in React, then use its bulk composition as a reactant to mix into another fluid. You can

  • Set a final mixing ratio,
  • Figure fluid speciation and mineral evolution, and
  • Disable mineral precipitation during mixing

Simulate polythermal mixing

  • Set temperature of initial and reactant fluids,
  • Supply heat capacity for fluid and rock, and
  • Temperature and chemistry of mixture evaluated at each step

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Flash diagrams
Flash diagrams

Flash diagrams show the results of mixing two fluids in all possible mixing fractions.

With the flash option you can

  • Predict mineral scale formation,
  • Account for polythermal or isothermal reaction, and
  • Disable mineral precipitation and plot saturation indices

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Mix reagents with fluids
Mix reagents with fluids

Mix various chemical reagents into a fluid to alter its composition. You can

  • Titrate minerals, aqueous species, gases, or oxide components into a fluid,
  • Add solvent water to simulate dilution, and
  • Remove water to model evaporation or boiling

GWB's robust plotting apps are fully integrated with your mixing models. Create cross plots, time series, Stiff, Piper, or other diagrams to view your results instantly.

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Looking to model reaction in flowing groundwater systems?

GWB Professional accounts for dispersive mixing in heterogeneous groundwater systems, as well as the effects of injection and production wells.