Thermodynamic datasets

You can download from this page datasets of chemical properties that can be read directly into the GWB applications, as well as ChemPlugin™. Each dataset is in text format and can be viewed with TEdit, or an editor such as Notepad.

The table below points to datasets that are used in the GWB Online Academy lessons, but are not installed with the software. To download datasets that come installed with the software, and to view other sources of thermochemical data, please visit the main GWB site.

The LLNL thermo database, modified to allow decoupling of the Mn(III) and Mn(IV) redox states. thermo_ladder.tdat
The LLNL thermo database, with a coupling reaction for benzene taken from thermo+benzene.tdat
The LLNL thermo database, with entries representing the ferrous oxide component in clay minerals and an iron sulfide mineral. thermo_microbes.tdat
The LLNL thermo database, with a coupling reaction for lactate taken from thermo+Lactate.tdat
Datasets for Pb sorption according to Kd (linear distribution coefficient) and Freundlich isotherms. Pb-Kd.sdat, Pb-Freundlich.sdat
A dataset for benzene sorption according to the Kd approach. Benzene_Kd.sdat