Courseware submission

Our users apply The Geochemist's Workbench® to solve all sorts of problems in aqueous geochemistry. With the GWB Online Academy, we're trying to build a home for learning. We need you to share your expertise and experience!

You can help by submitting the courseware you develop to teach your classes. In that way, you will be contributing to the well-being and growth of the geochemistry community. Your work will be featured alongside that of your peers from around the world.

Contributing is easy. Please see below for a list of materials to include with your submission. To get started, write to

What you need

Please prepare the following documents and files as part of your submission:

Lesson plan
Prepare a step-by-step document in MS Word illustrating how to perform your calculation using the GWB. Here's a template!

PowerPoint slides
Theory, results, and implications. How do you effectively present to your class? Download a template and send us your slides!

GWB input filesGWB input files
Save your spreadsheets, diagrams, or models and we'll distribute those with the lesson plans.

Thermochemical data
Do your exercises require custom thermodynamic or surface reaction datasets? Send those too!