Perpetual licensing

The software industry has moved away from perpetual licensing, since software so quickly becomes obsolete as technology changes. We are nonetheless pleased to still offer our customers the option for GWB12, the last in the series of discretely upgraded releases.

Please note that releases beginning with GWB 2020 are upgraded continuously rather than biannually and hence not available for perpetual licensing.

GWB12 perpetual

You may still purchase a perpetual license for the Professional, Standard, or Essentials version of GWB12.

A perpetual license:

  • Costs more up front
  • Will become obsolete and require upgrading
  • Can complicate budgeting
  • May not meet changing needs
GWB12 Professional $8999
GWB12 Standard $4499
GWB12 Essentials $2249

Order online and you will be up and running in minutes!

  Before selecting a perpetual license, we encourage you to consider whether a multi-year pre-paid subscription to GWB 2021 might better meet your needs.

Upgrade to a GWB12 perpetual license

If you have a perpetual license to GWB11 or earlier, you can still upgrade to a GWB12 perpetual license. Request your upgrade quote now and we will respond within one business day.

  From GWB11 From GWB10 GWB9 or earlier
GWB12 Professional $2699 $5399 $8099
GWB12 Standard $1349 $2699 $4049
GWB12 Essentials $669 $1349 $2019

  You can instead upgrade a perpetual license to a GWB subscription. Not only will you never pay for an upgrade again, but you will receive a kick-off period of up to 18 months for free!